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Usage Guidelines for HM-KI




About HM-KI

This service was developed in the Interaction Design Lab of HAWK to give all university members the opportunity to integrate artificial intelligence into their work processes and to have a space for encounter so that new working methods might emerge and an internal university discussion on the use of AI can take place. This offer also aims to support didactically, to develop an understanding of how such a language model works and therefore gives hints on well-functioning prompts (text inputs) in various areas. We welcome constructive feedback to further develop this offer according to your needs and findings.

Prof. Stefan Wölwer | Digital Environments | Interaction Design
Jonas Trippler | Research Assistant | Hands On
Vincent Timm | Research Assistant | Head of Interaction Design Lab
Arian Sadafi | Research Assistant | HAWKI

Usage Guidelines for HM-KI

Welcome to the guide for using HM_AI, which is based on the OpenAI API. This guide is intended for all university affiliates - students, teachers, and staff - to provide a clear guideline on how to handle this technology responsibly. Please note that this guide supplements the terms of use of OpenAI and does not claim to be exhaustive. It is the users' responsibility to comply with these terms.

General Provisions

What is prohibited:

  • Entering personal data about oneself or others.
  • Using the services for illegal, harmful, or abusive activities.
  • Infringement, abuse, or violation of others' rights.
  • Modification, copying, renting, selling, or distributing our services.
  • Attempt at reverse engineering, decompiling, or discovering source code or underlying components.
  • Automatic or programmed extraction of data or output.
  • Claiming that the output was created by humans when it was not.
  • Interfering with or disrupting the services or circumventing protective measures.
  • Using the output to develop competing models.

What to consider:

You are responsible for the input you provide and the resulting output. You must ensure that your input does not infringe any rights and that you have all necessary rights, licenses, and permissions to provide it.


Using the services can lead to inaccurate or incorrect output. It is important that you critically examine the output and not use it as the sole source of truth. Your inputs are not stored by HAWK, but by OpenAI for 30 days to detect any misuse. After 30 days, the data is deleted. Your inputs are not used to improve the product's safety or quality.

Specific Provisions

For students:

  • Use HM-AI to support your learning process, but do not rely solely on the generated answers.
  • Do not share personal data or information through HM-AI. Not even others' personal data.
  • You take on authorship. This means you vouch for the quality of the answer and take responsibility for the content. The use of AI and the nature of its contribution should be clarified.

For teachers:

  • It is prohibited to use HM-AI to correct student papers if they contain personal data that can be extracted.
  • Use HM-AI as a supplementary tool to prepare teaching materials, but make sure all content is checked for accuracy and relevance.

For staff:

  • It is strictly prohibited to enter confidentiality agreements or internally specified documents into HM-AI. As well as documents containing personal data about oneself or others.
  • Use HM-AI to increase efficiency and support your daily tasks, while observing the university's privacy policies and security regulations.

This guide serves as an orientation aid for the responsible handling of HM-AI. It is important that all users understand and follow these provisions to ensure safe and ethical use of this technology. The university can only offer this service if you do not enter personal data. Regardless of this guide, the OpenAI Terms of Use apply.

Version 1.0

HAWKI Update #002

We have further improved HAWKI for you!


Display of mathematical formulas, LaTex, and syntax highlighting improvement.

Quality of Life:

Dark Mode for our night owls.

System prompts are now transparently visible.

Security Updates:

We have made HAWKI more secure in some areas and updated the code structure.

We thank Thorger Jansen (Discovery, Analysis, Coordination) from the SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab for responsibly reporting the identified issues and collaborating with us to address them.